Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Embedded System

Embedded System

An Embedded System is a controller programmed and control by a real-time operating system(RTOS). Further based on performance and functional requirement of embedded system classified Four Types :-

1)  Real time Embedded System
2)  Standalone Embedded System
3)  Networked Embedded System
4)  Mobile Embedded System

Embedded Technology


Embedded System Software like LINUX on Embedded, Real time operating system, Windows IOT they can be found in a wide variety of common electrical appliances such as washing machine, phones, toys, even medical equipment.

The trend embedded technology is the IOT and embedded software. The IOT will continue to be market that involve everyone.

The Trends of Embedded System

1) Real-time Visualization:

A real-time system is defined as a data processing system in which the time interval required to process and response to input is so small that is control environment time taken from input output task is response time.

2) Cloud connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh Networking:

Cloud connectivity is a part of the IT infrastructure. Once all Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) enabled sensor, actuators and interface are connected through mesh network, few nodes in mesh can be created as capillaries gateway which have both Bluetooth and cellular connectivity having internet.

3) Low power consumption and optimization:

The technique is applied on hardware level to optimize the energy consumption and to enhance the bettery life of Low power embedded system.

4) Embedded Security:

Embedded system security is the reduction of vulnerabilities and protection against threat in software running on Embedded device. Embedded system security to hardware design and coding as well as add security software.

Written By: Mahin Siddiqui
                       Globaltech(I) Pvt. Ltd.

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